Upper part of the bag can be tear-off and bottom part can function as a tray

Paper bags and trays can be planted after use.

it can grow as a plant which can add beauty to the environment

A Bag the Grows

The objective is to develop a proactive proposal for IKEA food takeaway package design that is economical, convenient and environmental friendly. The paper bag will be made out of recycled newspaper, papers, and cartons, In order to reduce CO2 emissions generated by traditional waste disposal systems and raise awareness on environmental issues and teach people the importance of recycling of waste materials, and paper most of all.

The idea is to create a paper bag that has dual purpose. (1) A packaging design that can somehow mimic an IKEA furniture and (2) will have a positive impact and significant contribution to the environment. Who would have thought that throwing a piece of paper bag garbage on a land might be beneficial to environment instead of causing harm? How? This paper bag contains dried seeds which will grow once planted on soil.