IKEA is launching a center than will be called the IKEA Center of Excellence.

This will be a learning center created for the sole purpose of training new IKEA co-workers. It will be utilized as an official space where IKEA can train their current co-workers and future co-workers with all of the teachings, learning and training that they need to either move up the ladder in IKEA or to become integrated part of the organization.

The brief is to build an identity for ICE and it needs to give off a: professional, sharp feel with straight forward and simple messages.

They also want us to focus on the “IKEA Allen Key” which is considered to be the “key to success, the key to development” and it is the main symbol to show growth and representative of what IKEA is.

The main inspiration for the artwork is a geometric seamless pattern. I wanted to create a tessellation of allen key that shows no limit and fits perfectly together. I like this pattern to represent the endless learnings that Ikea Center of Excellence could offer to their current and prospective employees

The design is simple and sharp but it still has the IKEA feel to it. Colors used are the pallette requirements from the client, Yellow, Grey, Black and White.

I wanted to have a neutral feel to it because the idea behind it is to provide a blank canvas on which all participants in their programs will decorate them with their experiences, their learning and their knowledge.