Journey of Health

Falling under its keen interest to provide globally acclaimed healthcare services beyond traditional health insurance, and to ensure solid interaction and engagement during the process with its members, Bupa Arabia for Cooperative Insurance held the Kingdom’s first-ever ‘Journey of Health’ at Leylaty Hall in Jeddah. The event hosted the presence of many members and their families as they witnessed an authentic journey that equipped them with the right skills to experience an unparalleled healthy lifestyle.

The four-day long ‘Journey of Health’ comprised several programs that are aimed at providing members with an integrated health journey, initiated by basic medical checkups to ensure proper health is attained. This is complemented by other health and educational activities that offer the latest consultancy and advisory services on sports, childcare, healthy cooking, organic products and overall male and female health.

‘Journey of Health’ was carried on by Bupa Arabia in Riyadh and Dammam to ensure that all members in the Kingdom gain equal access to complete healthcare services that cater to their needs and preferences.