Rahatkom Core Services Campaign

Rahatkom offers an integrated experience for members from the time of entry to the hospital until the necessary health care services are provided. This new innovative service also helps members by facilitating their communication with Bupa Arabia and responding quickly to their needs, comments and suggestions while coordinating with the appointments department in the hospital to serve them to the fullest

The objective of this campaign is to relaunch Rahatkom and explain the program in the easiest way possible.

The visuals are straightforward, showing different scenarios that showing the perks of being a Rahatkom member.

  • Pre-authorization requests are faster
  • 90% of Customer Service calls in less than 10 seconds
  • 375 of their employees are certified medical personnel
  • 90% of pre-authorization requests within 10 minutes
  • All pre-authorization decisions are made by certified medical personnel

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