Al Qasr Mall Pitch

Al Qasr Mall lies in the mid-southern part of Riyadh, a densely populated neighborhood, just off King Fahd Road. It is one of the largest shopping centres in Riyadh, as well as one of the most important commercial developments of Dar Al Arkan. Launched in 2013, Al Qasr Mall is a glittering lifestyle and shopping destination in the Saudi capital.

Al Qasr Mall with a magnificent architecture on par with the world’s best, is a new shopping and entertainment landmark and hosts a range of local, regional and international brands. The brief is to create a marketing campaign that will basically increase exposure and generate market visit.

The big Idea is to show that Al Qasr Mall is a “Colorful destination”. May it be the need for Beauty, for kids/adult entertainment, groceries, home decor, fashion. Anything you need under the sun, You’ll find it in this colorful destination, Al Qasr Mall.